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Yingde Black Tea


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Harvest Date : March 25/2018

Growing Region : Yingde, Guangdong

Elevation : 550m

Tea Bush/Varietal : Yinghong No.9

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This Yingde Black Tea is made in March 25/2018. and the altitude of the Shigutang Tea Garden is 550m. It is made by one bud one leaf and one bud two leaves newly open. It has very flowery sweet flavor, and sharp mellow taste!

Yingde Black Tea  is the famous black Tea of Guangdong Province. It is produced in the Yingde Region. So is named. The cultivar of tea  is Yinghong No.9, which was introduced to plant in Yingde from Yunnan in 1960s. Yingde used to be one of the Chinese regions to resident the foreign Chinese and they set up a farm. They have grown tea and processed tea all the while since then. So here the technology of manufacture of tea is advanced, which  make the Yingde Black Tea outstanding quality.


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