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Appreciation of A Zisha Tea Pot

The Hurricane Mangosteen is sweeping South China. And It happened we got a Zisha tea pot which it is made into the mangosteen shape.

This is a tea pot made by green clay Zisha. After baking, it turns to the brown color. The handle, cap and bottom is made by Qing Shui Ni Zisha. 

The tea pot is 100% hand made. The shape is not uniform, but the design is vivid and not rigid. Look at it, can feel the aesthetic enjoyment.

What’s more, the tea brewed by it has fantastic taste. The fine mineral texture changes the taste of the tea to smoother and mellower.

It is a miraculous zisha tea pot.

Zisha Tea Pot 1

Zisha Tea Pot 2

Zisha Tea Pot 3

Zisha Tea Pot 4

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