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Ba Xian (Eight Immortals) 八仙 Feng Huang Dan Cong

Ba Xian (Eight Immortals) 八仙 is a rare Feng Huang Dan Cong. It belongs to Zhi Lan Xiang 芝兰香 Orchid family by flavor.

The full name of Ba Xian is Ba Xian Guo Hai 八仙过海. It was originated in 1898 and from the Da Wu Ye tea tree. The farmer Wen Hun took a few branches from Da Wu Ye tea tree in Qu Zai Liao Village of Wudong (乌岽去仔寮村). And he graft bred the tea trees in Li Zai Ping Village of Wudong (乌岽李仔坪村). Among the grafts, only eight trees survived. After the eight tea trees grew up, each of them has its special apperance, but the Feng Huang Dan Cong tea made by them behaved high quality and the quality character was same. The Farmer Wen Hun named the cultivar he bred as Qu Zai Liao in memorial of the tea origin village.

Ba Xian 八仙 Feng Huang Dan Cong 1

Ba Xian 八仙 Feng Huang Dan Cong 1

In 1958, the director of the state-owned Phoenix Town Tea Collection Station You Bing Hui went to the Wudong Mountain to inspect the eight tea trees. Aftet he came to know the eight tea trees growing in different shape, but the harvesting time was same and quality was same and excellent, he used the Chinese idiom 八仙过海 各显神通 (Ba Xian Guo Hai, Ge Xian Shen Tong) to describe them.

Ba Xian 八仙 Feng Huang Dan Cong

八仙过海 各显神通 (Ba Xian Guo Hai, Ge Xian Shen Tong) is a Chinese fairy story. It is about eight Chinese immortals. Their charactrs are very different, even they look very different. They go across the sea.  But the Dragon King in the sea wants to stop them. Later the eight immortals used each of their own special magic ability. And finally they overcame the obstacles of the Dragon King and went across the sea. This story tells that different kinds of people have their own speical way to sucess. 

So later the farmers started using Ba Xian Guo Hai to replace the name Qu Zai Liao. And futher later the name Ba Xian Guo Hai was short to Ba Xian. 

The Ba Xian tea has fresh flowery fragrance. The fragrance feels like in between orchid and Magnolia. The brewing liuor is golden yellow color and bright. The taste is mellow smooth and clear. The aftertaste is deep and sweet. The Ba Xian tea also behaved a special Shan Yun 山韵, a kind of wild flavor form the mountain.

Ba Xian 八仙 Feng Huang Dan Cong

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