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Can Pure, Organic Green Tea Substitute Water?

Drinking water all the time is not everybody’s favourite, that too when you need to consume at least 8 glasses of water each day. But it is important to stay hydrated. Water makes up 70 percent of our body’s weight and is critical for proper functioning of all organs and the body.

Bi Luo Chun Green Tea

Foods and fluids other than water also significantly contribute to the portion of the water our body requires on a daily basis. What if green tea can be used as a substitute for water. Bi Luo Chun Green Tea is a good choice as it is not only good for your health but also keeps you hydrated.

About Bi Luo Chun Green Tea

One of the top ten famous Chinese teas, the tea has a curly body with white pekoe. It has a silver jade color, fruity flavor, and gives out sweet aftertaste. While it is safe to drink a warm cup of green tea daily, yet too much of green tea can lead to certain health complications. But when consumed in moderation, the advantages are numerous.

Bi Luo Chun Green Tea Benefits

Green tea is a powerhouse of polyphenols – a type of antioxidants. The antioxidants keep you safe from the toxins present in the environment and the free radicals that damage the cell. They also help you protect against cardiovascular diseases and cancer. They trigger down the level of cholesterol and triglyceride. The presence of catechins in the green tea increases the rate of metabolism and plays a vital role in burning the fat.

Daily Water Requirement

Although nowhere it has been mentioned as to how much amount of water you should drink on daily basis, the general rule is – one should consume 6-8 ounce of glasses each day. Now when it comes to green tea, it is recommended that an adult should not to drink more than 2-3 cups of green tea each day. With 2-3 cups, you consume 240 to 320 milligrams of polyphenols. Drinking green tea more than the above-mentioned limit can result in certain health complications.

How green tea can be a good substitute of water?

Drinking tea is actually considered better than drinking water. When you sip green tea, you are not only taking in the fluids but also the necessary antioxidants and polyphenols that keep you healthy. There have been rumors that tea has a negative effect on your health due to the presence of caffeine. Yes, the presence of caffeine can have a diuretic effect, only when it’s consumed in large amounts. So, do not consume it in excess.

Substituting all the 8 glasses of water with 8 cups of green tea can have an adverse effect on your health due to excess of caffeine consumption. So sip a Bi Luo Chun Green Tea in limit and stay well hydrated all the time.

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