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Dwarf Oolong 矮脚乌龙

Dwarf Oolong 矮脚乌龙 is one kind Chinese of oolong tea, which is not so famous as the other three renowned Chinese oolong teas, Da Hong Pao, Tie Guan Yin and Feng Huang Dan Cong. But now this minority oolong tea is appreciated by more and more tea drinkers due to its quality.

The Dwarf Oolong is made by the tea leaves from the tea cultivar ai jiao wu long 矮脚乌龙. This is also why it is named. This cultivar is featured by that it can not grow high. Its leaf is dark green in color and the shape is small leaf and close to round.

Dwarf oolong tea tree

The ai jiao wu long is an ancient and precious tea cultivar in Chinese history. It was planted in the Imperial Tea Garden Yu Cha Yuan of Song Dunasty (AD960-1279). The place of the Imperial Tea Garden of Song Dynasty is in the now Jian Ou County (建瓯县) of Fujian. The Imperial Tea Garden was named as Bei Yuan Gong Cha 北苑贡茶 at that time. In the Song Dynasty, the tea made by ai jiao wu long was much appreciated by the emperors. It was glory time of Dwarf Oolong in Song Dynasty.

Old Tree of Dwarf Oolong

After Song Dynasty was perished by the Mogolians, the Imperial Tea Garden 北苑贡茶 also collapsed. In the late history, the Dwarf Oolong declined and became quiet, while Da Hong Pao, Tie Guang Yin and Feng Huang Dan Cong oolong tea emerged.

It had been nearly one thousand years later that the Dwarf Oolong was found out again. In May 1987, the Professor Zhan Zi Hui went to visit the old site of Imperial Tea Garden 北苑贡茶 in Jian Ou, and he found the special tea tree ai jiao wu long. He considered it should be a precious tea cultivar, since it had been planted in the Imperial Tea Garden all the while. He processed some oolong tea from the tea trees. the quality was really excellent.

ai jiao wu long in Imperial Tea Garden

The next year he invited his friend in Taiwan Professor Zheng Zhen Duo who is the Father of Taiwan Tea to invesitage the tea he found. To his surprise, he found out the ai jiao wu long is the same tea as the famous Taiwan Tea cultivar Qing Xin wu long 青心乌龙. It should be that in the history, some of the ai jiao wu long had been transplanted to Taiwan from the Imperial Tea Garden 北苑贡茶 and there it was named Qing Xin wu long.

This finding had greatly enhanced the attention to the ai jiao wu long in Jian Ou and aslo the Dwarf Oolong tea made by the royal tea cultivar. So now the Dwarf Oolong tea has become more and more famous in China.

Now the ai jiao wu long cultivar has been introduced to many other places, eg, Wuyi, South Fuajian and Chaozhou. Most of the material from ai jiao wu long cultivar was processed into Dwarf Oolong which has the appearance like Wuyi Rock Tea, and also the processing method is the same.

Dwarf Oolong Tea Product

The Dwarf Oolong has slim cute tight and heavy tea body. The tea color is oily dark. The flavor is lingering fruity like peach (and in some case, can also feel like Gardenia flower fragrance). The liquor color is golden yellow to orange. The taste is mellow brisk and rich. The aftertaste is deep.

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