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Huhong Black Tea (Anhua Black Tea)

Huhong is a Gong Fu Black Tea produced in Hunan Province. It used to be produced in these counties, Anhua, Xinhua. Lianyuan, Pingjiang, Liuyang, Taoyuan and Changsha. Among them, the one from Anhua is most renowned. 

The Huhong Black tea histroy can be traced back to 1850s. The product was exported to overseas. In the peak time, the export quanity had reached 30,000 tons. And in 1933, in the Panama Expo the Huhong Balck Tea was awarded Gold Medal. 

Huhong Black Tea

In the later age, the Chinese Black Tea market was mostly ovetaken by Indian and Sri Lanka Black Tea. The Huhong Black Tea is not famous in modern times. There is still a little production from the county Anhua. 

Anhua is located in the Wuling Mountains, ans it is an ideal place to produce tea. It has hign mountain with soil rich in minerals, deep forestry cover, rich rain and water resource. The Anhua Huhong  is one of the best quality less famous Chinese Black Teas. It has sharp refresh sweet flavor and clean mellow aftertaste.


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