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Yihong Black Tea

Yihong is one of the Chinese Gong Fu Black Tea produced in the Yichang Region of Hubei Provicne. The area includes the counties, Wufeng, Hefeng, Lichuan, Changyang, Dengcun, Badong, Jianshi, Zigui, Xingshan, Yidu. 

The production of Yihong Black Tea started in around 1850s, which was around the same timing at that of the Hunan Black Tea, Huhong. The Yichang region is also located in the Wuling Mountains. (Yihong is from the North part of Wuling Mountains; Huhong from the South part of Wuling Mountains). Here the climate, soil condition and natural sourroundings is very good for tea quality. And there are a lot of fine tea cultivars grwoing here, Yichang Dayezhong, Yihongzao, Enshi Dayezhong, Hefeng Taizicha, Enshi Taizizao, Badong Taizicha, Wufeng Dayezhong, Wufeng Liuyezhong.

One special character of Yihong is that it has strong flowery flavor.  Especially the Yihong Black Tea from the Dengcun District. In 1960s, there was a study on the flavor of Yihong. It was found out that due to the good growing situation the plants and flowers grow very well in the region, especailly in the Spring season, many flowers like Rosa laevigata Michx open. and the tea might absorb the flower fragrance in the air. So it forms the natural flowery flavor of high grade Yihong Black Tea. 

Yihong Black Tea

Rosa laevigata Michx Flower

The Yihong Black Tea has deep aftertaste. There is the classic cream-down which only high quality black tea has, in the brewing of Yihong Black Tea. (In 1980s, the cream-down was found in a Yihong Black Tea made by the material from mutation of Wufeng Dayezhong).

Yihong Black Tea

Cream down

The export of Yihong Black Tea is not so famous as Dianhong and Keemum. But it was and indeed is a fine Chinese Black Tea.


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