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Huo La Cha 火辣茶 Feng Huang Dan Cong

Huo La Cha 火辣茶 is a rare type of Feng Huang Dan Cong oolong tea. It is also named as Ka Fei Xiang Dan Cong, coffee flavor dan cong, because of the special roasted coffee flavor of this tea.(Coffee was not popular in China, especially to the Chinese farmers hundreds of years ago, few of them knew what is coffee. So originally they used the Chinese word huo la 火辣, ‘firing hot’ to describe the character of this tea).

Coffee flavor Feng huang dan cong

The mother tree of Huo La Cha grow in the Gui Zhu Hu Village 桂竹湖村 of Wudong Mountain. The altitude is 1150m. The age of the mother tree was around 300 years in 2000. It is derived from the Shui Xian cultivar in the long time reproduction and transformation. Unfortunately the mother tree was cut in 2000 due to the construction of mountain road. But luckily another farmer in Shi Tou Jiao village also has the Huo La Cha cultivar.

The Huo La Cha Feng Hung Dan Cong had received a lot of awards in tea competetions. It was the Special Award in the 2nd and 3rd Zhong Cha Bei, Chinese Tea Competetion. And in 2000, it was the Gold Award in Singapore Inter’l Tea Competetion.

The tea has oil greyish brwon color, and the tea body is tight and heavy. When brewed, it gives off that kind of firing hot flavor like roasted coffee. the taste is strong and mellow brisk. And it last infusions.

Huo La Cha Feng Huang Dan Cong

This is the world only one tea which is most naturally similar to coffee! Welocme to inquire with us on this miraculous tea Huo La Cha (Ka Fei Xiang) Feng Huang Dan Cong!

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