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Jasmine Snow Snail


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Harvest Date : April 5 2018

Growing Region : Jinggu, Yunnan

Elevation : 1780m

Tea Bush/Varietal : Jinggu Big Leaf Tea

Grade :

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Jasmine Snow Snail is the made by the snow snail green tea scented by fresh jasmine flower for five times. The snow snail  green tea is produce in Yunnan  from the Jinggu Big Leaf Cultivar. It made by the tender tea shoot plucked in early Spring. The tea body is all covered by white hair, look like snow, and it is twisted into the snail shape during the processing. 

The tea have very fascinating and lingering jasmine flavor. the tea tastes mellow sweet.

It has very rich anti-oxidants, Catechins, Vc and minerals. It can help regulate body weight and keep slim, lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, detoxin, anti-inflammation, relax the nerve, protect teeth and kill mouth odour.

It conforms to EU-regulation.


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