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Supreme Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea


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Harvest Date : April 1

Growing Region : Fuding

Elevation : 700m

Tea Bush/Varietal : Fuding Dabai

Grade :

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   When you are drinking this tea, you feel you are drinking a cup of jasmine essence! So aromatic, so mellow sweet taste that no any astringensy and bitterness of tea can be felt. We ensure it is one of the best jasmine tea might be available in the world!

   It is now in the beginning of Autumn in China. Our new crop Supreme Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea just come up!  Though the other new crop of jasmine silver needle teas have come up much earlier. we had been patient to wait till so late to finish scenting the tea. We are very particular to make our best jasmine tea product. In China, the jasmine flower season lasts from May to October, but only in this timing the jasmine flower has the best fragrance.

Supreme Jasmine Silver Needle 1

    The jasmine scenting of our jasmine tea varies from 3 times to 9 times. This Supreme Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea is eight times scenting. The reason why we did not make it nine time scenting this year is that we would monitor the actual condition of tea. The quality of jasmine tea is not certain to achieve the best as the scenting times go to extreme. As we know the fresh jasmine flower is wet. During the scenting, the tea will absorb the jasmine fragrance, and meanwhile it will absorb the moisture. And one time of scenting takes around two days. So after the too long time in humid condition, the tea freshness will lower, thus effect the general quality of outcome jasmine tea. The eight times of jasmine scenting ensures the lingering charming fragrance and also the best quality of tea.

    The tea base is the selected single bud silver needle harvested in early April from Fujian. Unlike most of the other jasmine silver needle which uses green tea silver needle as tea base, this is white tea silver needle!

Supreme Jasmine Silver Needle 2

How does it taste. It gives fascinating refreshing lingering jasmine fragrance. When brewing, the aroma goes into the atmosphere and fills in the room. The taste is clean and mellow smooth, the aftertaste is deep. 





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