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Ji Long Kan 鸡笼刊 Feng Huang Dan Cong

Ji Long Kan 鸡笼刊 is one famous type of Feng Huang Dan Cong Oolong Tea. It belongs to Zhi Lan Xiang (Orchid Flavor) family.

The mother tree of Ji Long Kan gorws in the Zhong Ping Village of Fengxi (风西中坪村), and the altitude is 831m. The tree is 4.87m in height, and has a coverage of around 20 square meters. The age of the tree is around 300 years. It is the oldest tea tree so far identified in Wudong Mountain. The shape of the mother tree Ji Long Kan looks like a chiken cage of the Chazhou style. In Chaozhou dialect, chiken cage is called as Ji Long Kan. So was this tea named. The cultivar Ji Long Kan was naturally evolved and bred from the old  Feng Huang Shui Xian cultivar resource. Now the clone breeding of Ji Long Kan has wideply planted in the Wudong Mountian with altitude above 600m.

Ji Long Kan Mother Tree

The mother tree of Ji Long Kan has produced 6.5KG of tea in 2011. And the sales price by the owner farmer Zhang Shi Min in that year is RMB26000/500g. It is the Special Award Oolong Tea by Chinese Tea Competition, which is the most authorative Chinese Tea rating event every year..

The harvesting of Ji Long Kan is in end of April. And the best plucking timing is in between 11:00am-16:00pm of sunny days. In the morning, the moisture content is too high to make good quality and the fragrance is less. After 16:00, there will be no enough time for withering of the tea leaves.

Ji Long Kan Feng Huang Dan Cong

The Ji Long Kan tea body is tightly rolled and heavy. The color is browish dark. The liquor color is biright golden yellowish. The fragrance is high ligering like orchid flower. The taste is mellow and rich. The aftertaste is deep. and it lasts infusions of 25-30 times.

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