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The Cream Down of Chinese Black Tea

In the black tea industry there is an intersting phenomena.  Some black tea has bright red liquor color when brewed, but after some time when the liquor temperature cool down, the liquor will tunr to be cloudy. This phenomena was described as ‘cream down’ in the terms of tea. In the beginning some tea drinkers do not feel well on the cream down of black tea. Beause they prefer the infusions to be always bright and red. Later more and more people find that the only good quality black tea will produce the cream down phenomena. And the tea study proved that the ‘cloud’ in the cool tea liquor is the combination of caffeine and catechins (EGCG). Th rich content of these two ingredients will present emulsion as the liquor temperature lowers.

Cream Down of Lichuanhong

In Chinese Black Tea, the cream down phenomena was first found in some batch of Yihong Black Tea in 1980s. Tea researchers identified some tea plants in Mao Ba of Lichuan (利川毛坝镇)  which produced obvious cream down effect. The cultivar Maoba No.2 was identified and bred.


Now a new chinese famous tea Lichuanhong 利川红 was invented. The Lichuanhong is made by the cultivar Maoba No.2. And Lichuan is located in the deep mountain of Wuling Shan. Here is the place to plant high quality tea. The fine material source and the fine growing suroundings of Lichuanhong made it outstanding quality with cream down character.

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