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The Yiwu Tea Mountains

Yiwu 易武 is one of the most famous pu-erh tea mountain in Yunnan.  The Pu-erh tea produced in Yiwu had been tributed to the Emperor Guangxu around one hundred years ago.  And Emperor Guangxu was very pleased with the quality of the Yiwu tea. He granted a royal wooden plaque with his writiting 瑞贡天朝 (Fine Tribute to Central Empire) to the Yiwu tea producer.

Yiwu is a pu-erh tea town which includes Seven Villages and Eight Stockades (七村八寨).

The Seven Villages are Ma Hei 麻黑, Lu Shui Dong  落水洞,  Gao Shan Cun 高山村, Man Xiu Cun 曼秀村, San He She Cun 三合社村, Yi Bi Cun 易比村, Zhang Jia Wan Cun 张家湾村.

The Eight Stockades are Gua Feng Zhai 刮风寨, Wan Gong Zhai  弯弓寨,  Ding Jia Zhai 丁家寨, Xin Zhai 新寨, Jiu Miao Zhai 旧庙寨, Luo De Zhai 倮德寨, Da Zhai 大寨, Man Sai Zhai 曼撒寨.

Among them, the Ma Hei 麻黑, Lu Shui Dong  落水洞, and Gua Feng Zhai 刮风寨 are well known to the experienced pu-erh tea drinkers. 

Yiwu is a place worth exploring for the old tree pu-erh teas.

Tea Map of Yiwu

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