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Xiong Di Zai 兄弟仔 Feng Huang Dan Cong

Xiong Di Zai 兄弟仔 is a type of commonly-seen Feng Huang Dan Cong oolong tea. It belong to the Zhi Lan Xiang 芝兰香 Orchid family by flavor.

The origin of Xiong Di Zai Feng Huang Dan Cong can be traced back to around two hundred years ago. The cultivar Xiong Di Zai was found and bred by the ancestor of the farmer Wen Yan Zao at that time. The story tells that his ancestor happened to mix the fresh leaves plucked from two trees which grew together and looks similar. After the tea was made, he contributed it to the sacrifice ceremony to local god in the village. The quallity of the tea was praised by the countrymen. And it became a locally famous tea. The ancestor of farmer Wen named the tea as Xiong Di Zai which means brother tea, because the source of the tea came from the mixture of the leaves from two tea tree growing together and looked similar.

Now the mother tree of of Xiong Di Zai grows in the Keng Xin of Li Zai Ping Village of Wudong 乌岽李仔坪村坑心. The altitude is 1050m.

Xiong Di Zai Feng Huang Dan Cong

The harvesting of Xiong Di Zai is in the middle of April. Genrally one bud three leaves is the ideal material to process. 

Xiong Di Zai 兄弟仔 Feng Huang Dan Cong

The most critical processing of Xiong Di Zai as an oolong tea is Zuo Qing and Baking. The Zuo Qing decides the quality character of semi-fermentation. And Baking decides the roasting and mature extent of the tea.

Xiong Di Zai 兄弟仔 Feng Huang Dan Cong

The Xiong Di Zai has tightly curly heavy tea body, and the color is brownish dark. The brewing color is orange bright. It gives lingering fascinating orchid flowery flavor. The taste is brisk mellow, with mild sweet aftertaste. The mouth feeling is rich and subtle. It lasts infusions.

Xiong Di Zai 兄弟仔 Feng Huang Dan Cong

Xiong Di Zai 兄弟仔 Feng Huang Dan Cong


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