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Da Hu Qi 大蝴蜞 (Blood Sucker) Feng Huang Dan Cong

Da Hu Qi 大蝴蜞 is a rare type of Feng Huang Dan Cong. It is named by the leaf shape of the tea body of this tea. The tea body of Da Hu Qi is broad long in most the middle part, but slim narrow in front and end, whick looks a leech, blood sucker. In Chaozhou dialect, they call leech as Hu Qi 蝴蜞. So is this tea named.

Da Hu Qi Feng Huang Dan Cong

The mother tree of Da Hu Qi Dan Cong is evolved from the Feng Huang Shui Xian Variety and grows in the Daping Village 大坪村 of Fengxi,  Phoenix Town. The field is called as Hou Tou Long Siqi. The tree was planted by the ancestor of a tea farmer there, and now aged around 170 years. The altitude where the tree grows is around 800m.

Da Hu Qi Feng Huang Dan Cong

The harvesting time of Da Hu Qi 大蝴蜞 Dan Cong is at Gu Yu festival (Around April 22). 

The tea body of  Da Hu Qi 大蝴蜞 Dan Cong is tighly big long and looks like leech. The color is oil brownish dark. It gives flowery honey fragrance, abd the taste is unique ‘yun’ with strong sweet aftertaste. The liquor color is golden yellow and it lasts a lot of infusions. 

Da Hu Qi Feng Huang Dan Cong

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