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Wild Honey in Deep Mountain of Yunnan

March 14/2018 Our colleague who are hunting new old tea trees resource in Southwest Yunnan deep mountain get their bonus today for their adventure. Look at the wild honey produced by wild bees! It is really sweet.  Congrats Changsha Wufeng Tea Co.,Ltd  

March 14th, 2018

A tasting of 2018 earliest crop Duyun Mao Jian

March 14/2018 Today we are tasting a 2018 earliest crop Duyun Mao Jian from Guizhou Province. Guizhou is a highland province of China with sea level over 1000m.  This Duyun Mao Jian is made by single bud material. It looks beautiful. The tea body is all covered by white hair. The tea gives  fresh fragrant flavor. However … Continue reading “A tasting of 2018 earliest crop Duyun Mao Jian”

March 14th, 2018

A Tea Plucker

March 14/2018 This is a woman plucking tea in tea garden of West Hunan! Don’t you think she is  working as efficient as  a machine plucker. Changsha Wufeng Tea Co.,Ltd

March 14th, 2018

High Grade Bai Mu Dan Production

March 13/2018 The High Grade Bai Mu Dan of 2018 crop is  in production in North Fujian. This is made by the newly open one bud one leaf from cultivar Fuyun 595 .  The standard processing of Bai Mu Dan white tea is Tea plucking-Withering-Baking dry. Cultivar Fuyun 595 One bud one leaf newly open Put in … Continue reading “High Grade Bai Mu Dan Production”

March 13th, 2018

BCS Organic Tea Garden

March 13/2018 This is a BCS certified tea garden in Keemum County of South Anhui. The products from this tea garden is Organic Keemum Black Tea and organic Fulu Green Tea. Changsha Wufeng Tea Co.,Ltd

March 13th, 2018

2018 Kai Hua Long Ding Production

March 12/2018 Kai Hua Long Ding is produced in Kai Hua County of Zhejiang. Today the production of Kai Hua Long Ding by material from cuifeng cultivar starts.   Changsha Wufeng Tea Co.,Ltd

March 12th, 2018

Xishuangbanna Old Tea Tree Growing

March 11/2018 The Old tea trees in Bulangshan of Menghai County, Xishuangbanna germinate well due to the sunny and warm weather in these days. The farmers are waiting a few more time to start plucking. (They like plucking bigger tea shoots). Our old tree raw pu-erh of Xishuangbanna origin is expected to produce in 3-4 … Continue reading “Xishuangbanna Old Tea Tree Growing”

March 11th, 2018

Silver Needle Growing in North Fujian update

March 11/2018 The production of silver needle with material from low mountain tea gardens of North Fujian has already started today.  But the tea garden in high mountain of North Fujian has suffered a severe frost last night. The plucking time of silver needle from high mountain will postpone around one week, and the yield … Continue reading “Silver Needle Growing in North Fujian update”

March 11th, 2018

Hunan Baojing Golden Tea

March 11/2018 Now many people are wondering what Chinese Golden Tea is. Golden Tea is named by a tea cultivar originated in Baojing County of Hunan. It was said that the tea made by this cultivar sold very high price in Qing Dynasty. So local people called this tea Golden Tea. The cultivar has been … Continue reading “Hunan Baojing Golden Tea”

March 11th, 2018

A 2018 Early Spring Low Land Bi Luo Chun

March 10/2018 This is a 2018 early Spring Bi Luo Chun from low land tea garden. As we are checking it, the quality is not excellent. Lack of sweetness, not smooth feeling in the mouth, the aftertaste is not strong, and the processing is not very well done which make the tea give a bit … Continue reading “A 2018 Early Spring Low Land Bi Luo Chun”

March 10th, 2018

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