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Organic Tea Garden Planted by Mixed Tea Cultivar

We are visiting an Ceres-certified organic tea garden in South Hunan. The tea garden has an area of 75 hectres. It is all sorrounded by forest. And there are no any industry within 50 kilometers. There is even no human resident within 5 kilometers. The environment is very ideal for organic farming. The tea garden is under a stable and sound ecological system. And one other important finding is that the tea cultivar in this organic tea garden is all the seed growing mixed cultivar planted in 1960s. The mixed tea cultivar has better resistance to insects and disease than the uniform hybrid cut clone tea cultivar. Because they behave more bio-diversity to counteract the outer damage.


Organic Tea Garden in South Hunan

Organic Tea Garden in South Hunan

Organic Tea Garden in South Hunan

Organic Tea Garden in South Hunan

This tea garden produces organic green tea. The yield of mixed tea cultivar is lower than that of the hyrbid cultivar like Fuding dabai. And the apperance of the mixed tea cultivar green tea is not so good-which lacks white pekoeBut the flavor and taste of the organic green tea is really excellent. It is very flowery and the aftertaste is very sweet.

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