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Yixing Black Tea

Many people go to Yixing to buy the famous Zisha tea pots there. And there they would very likely to find a tea, Yixing Black Tea. Yes, Companred to the fame of Yixing Zisha Tea Pot, Yixing Black Tea is quite less famous. But it is really a good tea, as many cusotmers find out, especially the quality become more outstanding if the Yixing Black Tea was kept in the Zisha tea jar for some time.

Yixing used to be the name Yangxian. So Yixing Black Tea laso used to be called as Yangxian Black Tea. In Chinese history, Yangxian had been an important tea production place. The tea of Yangxiang started to be tribute to the emperors since Tang Danasty. There was one famous tea Yangxian Xue Ya which was green tea.

In 1915, the Yixing Black Tea was awarded Gold Medal in the Panama World Expo. While in modern times, the Yixing Black Tea was completely covered by the Zisha industry in Yixing. It becomes a Chinese black tea known by few people.

The trditioanl Yixing Black Tea is made by the tea leaves from local Jiukeng tea cultiver, Which is one of the reasons to form the good quality of Yixing Black Tea. But in the last tens of years, a lot of Fuding Dabai tea cultivar had been planted in Yixing. And many ‘Yixing Black Tea’ were made by the material from Fuding Dabai. The Fuding dabai tea cultivar germinated early in Spring, and its yield is very high, consequently the plucking cost from Fuding dabai is lower, and the Fuding dabai tea cultivar has a lot of hairs, the black tea made by it has many golden pekoe-looks very good. The disadvantage of the black tea made by  Fuding dabai in Yixing is that it has pale taste and lack of flavor, which decide that  Fuding dabai  Yixing Black Tea can not represent the quality of genuine Yixing Black Tea.

Yixing Black Tea

Jiukeng Tea Cultivar                                                             Fuding Dabai

The Yixing Black Tea made by the Jiukeng Tea cultivar has less golden tips. Most of the tea body is oily bright dark color.  The season of the first flush of the Jiukeng Tea Cultivar is late , which make the tea accumulate more quanity contens, and also the temperature has risen up in the later season. It is good for the processing of black tea, especially good for fermenation. 

Yixing Black Tea

The Yixing Black Tea made by the Jiukeng Tea cultivar smells flowery. And the tea flaovr is sweet flowery. The taste is full-bodied sharp refresh, with sweet aftertaste. The one made by Fuding Dabai is pale in flavor and taste.

Yixing Black Tea


The price of the Yixing black tea made by Fuding Dabai is lower than the one made by Jiukeng tea cultivar.


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