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Single Old Tree Pu-erh Tea Pre-booking

Want to have your exclusive fantastic quality pu-erh tea from sinlge old tea tree? This is one of our franchise old tea trees growing in the Tuonan village in the deep mountains of Yunnan. The tree aged around 800 years. It grows completely naturally. The Spring tea produce of this tree in this year is 8.5 kilo. Very flowery fragrance, deep mellow smooth taste. The 2018 crop was sold out. Welcome to book the 2019 crop tea! Please contact us, DO NOT wait to take action next year Spring!

Single Old Tree Pu-erh Pre-booking 1

Single Old Tree Pu-erh Pre-booking 2

Single Old Tree Pu-erh Pre-booking 3

Single Old Tree Pu-erh Pre-booking 4

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