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Appreciation of An Excellent Oolong Tea

This is an excellent Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea.

1 Judged by the appearance.

The leaf is full. The color of the tea is oily bright dark, while prsenting white ‘frost’. The body is tightly rolled and heavy.

An Excellent Oolong Tea 1

2 Judged by liquor.

The liquor turns out to be bright orange red color, and clear. It gives off charming fruity and rocky flavor with hint of roasting (Yan Yun).

An Excellent Oolong Tea 2


3 Judged by the infused tea leaf.

The txture of the brewed leaf is soft and intact. The color is bright. The leaf edge is brownish red and other part turns to be greyish green color,  Which is indication of good material source, and the precessing especially the fermentation is just good as oolong tea. The roasting extent also matchs the leaf texture very well.

 An Excellent Oolong Tea 3

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