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The Secret of Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea is the great invention of Chinese tea.

It is special in that oolong tea is semi-fermented, with green tea non-fermented and black tea full-fermented.

The secret of the semi-fermentation of oolong tea comes from the Zuo Qing (做青) processing. During Zuo Qing, the tea leaves are kept shaking and colliding violently. As a result, some cells (especially those on the surface and edge) of the tea leaves are damaged. So the tea juice come out of the cells and get oxidized by oxygen. Meanwhile, the tea juice in the intact tea cells without damage is still protected by a cell membrane, and they will not be oxidized.

So we understand the reason why the oolong tea is semi-fermented.

The Zuo Qing of Oolong tea is very tough and exhausting work. The workers need do it overnight to make the whole processing. In this tea season, they will cook and eat beef congee at mid-night to supply the energy to work.


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