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The Art of Drinkables for Blooming Teas

The beauty of a blooming tea is an enthralling experience not only in terms of flavor but also the beauty it beholds.

When a blooming tea unfold its flower in a tea pot filled with warm water – the sense of relaxation it gives is beyond comparison.

Blooming flowering tea

What is a flowering tea?

The flowering is made up of green tea buds and beautiful, aromatic flowers. They look and taste fantastic when infused in hot water. These tea buds and flowers are hand sewn together to make a bulb. When infused in hot water, this bulb pops open allowing us to see the beautiful flower inside. Blooming  teas are mesmerizing to the tastebuds as well as to the eyes of drinkers.

Tips for drinkables for blooming teas

  • If you want to see the flowering tea to “bloom”, you’ll need a glass tea pot. The to and fro visibility will help you enjoy the blooming avidly.
  • Make sure that the tea pot is large and tall so that the flowering tea gets ample of room to grow.
  • Clean the tea pot while preparing the tea. Pour some hot water into the teapot to warm it, pour that water out. Now place the tea bulb in the pot. Don’t worry where it lands. It will eventually position itself.
  • Again pour the hot water into the teapot. The flowering tea will begin to open almost immediately. It will take few minutes to completely “bloom.”
  • The flower used in these teas can make the tea bitter if allowed to steep for long, so remove it as soon it blooms completely.

Health Benefits of Blooming Tea

Flowering teas are a combination of edible flowers and green tea leaves, so definitely they are full of health benefits. Few have been listed below:

  • If suffering from sniffles, chest cold – drink this tea. Its flowers are good in treating coughs.
  • The blooming flowering tea supports in cancer prevention. It also improves brain functioning along with cognitive and motor skills.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of flowering tea helps you get rid of your joints and muscles
  • Flowering Tea is a great detoxifier. It helps body in fighting off any infection and lose weight.
  • The tea also helps in the prevention of neurological disorders associated with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Blooming flowering teas are much more than a simple cup of tea. They are a whole new way of experiencing tea. Choose the bouquet of your choice @ Wufeng Tea and enjoy some of these wonderful blends.

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